Wine and whisky selling tips

Wine and whisky selling tips

Have you ever taken lunch in a nice restaurant and asked the waiter for a wine recommendation to match your meal but all got was: "With the fish is good white wine"?

Are your waiters able to explain differences between Pinot Noir and Pinotage? Are your servers able offer rose wine if it's a  better choice than red or white?

Have you ever seen your barman offer something small and sweet when the guest orders smoky whisky, because it is nice match?

No? So there is a huge opportunity to sabre your bottle of alcohol beverage selling! There is a small top-ten that you can do immediately.

  1. Designate regular meetings between your chef and main waiter where you discuss food and wine matching (selling bottles is better than selling glasses)
  2. Train your staff - knowing taste is better than any theory. If your waiter knows the taste of wine or whisky he serves, he will able to offer it much better
  3. Make a table of wine-speak, there isn't anything worse than that your waiter fails when asked for a deep, full bodied, hard or fresh wine.
  4. Settle an competition in selling bottles, where winner will get bottle of chardonnay.
  5. Create an expert (on all shifts), someone who will have knowledge and will call by other waiters when guest will unsure with the order.
  6. Train all your staff who serve wine in wine protocol, ensure all equipment - the price you'll spend will return to you on second sold bottle.
  7. Make nosing table of whisky you offer and keep it at the bar - your barman will able consult it if necessary.
  8. Put the names of selected wines next to meals in your menu - most of your customers are shame to ask the waiter direct. That will increase your sellings of a bottles.
  9. Create wine and whisky menu.
  10. Create whisky tasting sets with text guide.

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