Whisky tasting Across the Scotland

Single malt whisky Tomatin - whisky tasting Across the Scotland
Thu, 04/11/2010 - 19:00

Whisky tasting Aberdeen: Across the Scotland

Only those of you who already have been to every one whisky distillery can afford to miss our latest whisky tasting! During this whisky tasting you will get to know single cask whisky from an independent whisky bottler A. D. Rattray and you will discover the… “Bruichladdich magic“.

Next topics we will discuss

  • Maturation and finishing
  • Where the peat come from?
  • Where the single cask's magic come from?
  • Where the difference of whisky regions come from?
  • Ideal whisky age
  • Nosing wheel & whisky chart

Special: Thanks to Proven ecigarette e-shop will guests of tasting have chance to test e-cigarette during tasting!


The Prime Cuts

21 Crown Terrace
AB11 6HD
Whisky tasting
Noble drinks: 
7 glasses of single malt whisky from lowland to islands
bacon and bread
2 hours approx.
Capacity limited to: 
25 guests
Deadline of booking: 
Thu, 04/11/2010

Booking is closed.

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