Young wine celebration

Wine Novello label
Thu, 19/11/2009 - 19:30

This day the whole world celebrates young wine, which traditionally started in France with Beaujolais Nouveau, a fresh, fruity red wine. Our celebration - wine tasting with dinner - is celebration of young wine itself... yes... maybe comes Beaujolais Nouveau too, but for sure you will taste ten fantastic wines from Pinot Noir from several different wineries to Italian Novello (this year was amazing for new wines because of the cool weather).

  • Our tasting is fully tutored and during it, in Italian fashion, you can have toasted baguette with olive oil.
  • And - at the end - you will enjoy your dinner: fantastic match of roasted duck with rich, fruity autumn wine.

Don't miss such a romantic and eye-opening evening in a great restaurant with charming wines and fabulous food!


Prime Cuts restaurant

21 Crown Terrace
AB11 6HD
Wine tasting
Noble drinks: 
- Several Pinot Noir varietes
- Novello from Teroldego grapes, vineyards of Alto Adige
- 10 wines in global
- Toasted bagette with olive oil in Italian fashion
- Roasted duck
2 hours approx.
Capacity limited to: 
24 guests
Deadline of booking: 
Wed, 18/11/2009

Booking is closed.

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