Preen the Passion (Groupon price)

Preet the Passion Whisky Tasting

Comprehensive introduction to Scotch single malt whisky tasting and evaluating. During the 2 hour session you will learn how to identify whisky quality, predominant tastes, technology used, its origin and much more.

You will familiarise yourself with Whisky Nosing Wheel as well as Whisky Taste Map and their use in practice. You will be able to classify different samples of whisky by independent bottlers, whisky which was distilled on island, but matured on mainland, whisky from sherry casks, bourbon casks and wine casks.

You'll be educated to outsmart most of bartenders in Scotland with exception of those who have joined our tastings, as the session is a perfect whisky training for hospitality staff.

Where UPSTAIRS Wine bar
21 Crown Terrace
AB11 6HD
What Whisky tasting
Noble drinks: 7 glasses single malt whisky sourced accross the Scotland
Food: Plate of cheeses, smoked fish, salami and bread
Duration: 2 hours approx.
Capacity limited to: 25 guests
Price: £34 (groupon discount)

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