Choosing wine

How to choose wine

There are dozens of books about wine and wine and food matching. Actually if you don't want to be a sommelier, there are some good and simple rules for it.

But - in contrast to the  whisky section - because wine is the more universal drink, a simple taste-targeting routine cannot be used. We hope we can offer you (except professional service) several tips:

Choosing wine by occasion

  • Summer afternoon garden party - best opportunity to taste some of the great light rose wines from eastern Europe or France. Rose goes with fruits like melon perfectly and is useful to make some cocktails too.
  • Home party with friends - try white wine like Sauvignon Blanc which pairs well with party food. Good choice in red wines are Italian Primitivo, full and rich... And don't forget sparkling wines: a good value for money is Spumante too from Italy (Italians are well known for being masters of parties, and there are several good reasons).
  • Pairing with food - go to next section...

Pairing with food

  • Heavy, red meats, like beef, needs heavy wines with tanin. A good choice could be, for example, Syrah (Chiraz) or above mentioned Primitivo.
  • Pork likes Merlot or Pinot Noir.
  • White meat (pork, fish) is great with Chardonnay (use rather non French wine).
  • Non meat food is usually good with fruity wines, like rose claret.

Wine for enjoying by itself

All wines mentioned above could (and mostly should) be young and fresh. If you have good aged wine this is the opportunity to try it.

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