Staff training

Education of your staff

Alcoholic beverage is a business where consumers are increasingly knowledgeable. Noble Drinks has a number of options for staff training: beginning with General Drinks education to direct Wine or Whisky education. Any of these options will improve your image by demonstrating your investment in your staff's wine savvy.

All our programmes are aimed at increasing your wine and whisky sales:

  • General drinks education - Comprehensive sum of knowledge about technology, history and serving all types of spirits and wine from vodka to single malt whisky, from sparkling wine to matured wines.
  • Knowledge about drinks they serve - Variant of General drinks education, but more personalised, with focus on drinks you choose for your business.
  • Wine education - programme aimed at increasing your wine sales with focus on wine and food matching. If you don't find having a wine sommelier cost effective, then this programme can improve the skills and knowledge of your existing waiting staff. We also provide on-site recommendations for your wine menu.
  • Whisky education - whisky customers are probably most educated customers on the market. They know a lot about their passion and they are willing to evaluate any good hint from your bar staff immediately. Increase your income by educating your staff in the regions, tastes, technology and history of whisky. Customers love stories.

Industry studies report that for every £1 invested immediately returns at least £8!

Interested? Then make your selection:

General Knowledge Wine Whisky

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