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Only few times in your life you have the opportunity to be experiencing something extraordinary. Tutored whisky tastings are such moments. You can – if your are living in the Scotland – probably go to nearest whisky pub and taste as many whisky as you want.

I experienced many time how was someone hardly looking for „something like Mortlach“ or „something hardly peated“ and only answers was „There is nothing like Mortlach“ and „Did you ever tried Ardbeg?“. There was my turn... to advise some different whisky or offer more concrete type of whisky. Like Clynelish in first case and Ardbeg Uigeadail in the second.

And in really good bar I could choose unchillfiltered, cask strength, single cask whisky Mortlach by GM or Cadenheads. My dream – have to chance to suggest RAW Cask whisky edition Mortlach 1989 from Blackadder – will probably never get true thoug. Neither in the best whisky bar in the world, Amsterdam's Whiskycafé L&B. Nobody has Blackadder's whisky in bar, except (maybe) Craigellachie hotel in Banffshire.

So be experiencing real tutored whisky tasting is at first getting in touch with something beautiful, which is not usual, get informations about your favorite drink, ask questions and get answers. And keep much more knowledge (and love) of whisky you had before at the end. There you can look at some recent whisky tastings, its topics and whiskies which were tasted. Order your own tasting you can from left menu.


Aberdeen's whisky tasting "Quest for inamorata"
Aberdeen's whisky tasting "Lost in time"

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