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Aberdeen clubs

Associate into clubs is old as mankind itself. People always form into groups who love similar interests. Because we are settled in Aberdeen, we have established two clubs of wine lovers and whisky enthusiasts. The clubs are a platform where people meet, enjoy their favourite drink and gain knowledge about it. The clubs meet on a regular basis one evening a month for special tastings.

What happens at club meetings? - Tutored tasting based on some topics takes place during the first hour or so, followed by socialising in the second where members get the chance to chat about drinks, topics or anything else. The wines are free for a second-tasting glass, whiskies for a small fee.

Where do the meetings take place? - In pleasant restaurants and hotels in centre of Aberdeen, depending on the topic.

Becoming a member of the club gives you a unique opportunity to meet people with similar interests, real people and people with a mind-expanding hobby.

You can - of course - become a member of both our clubs, because dates of meetings are alway different.

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